The Australian Outback by: Ezra Song

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It was the usual summer holiday, long hot days at the beach, sun burn and nothing much to worry about. The outback of Australia and the Australian identity is always like this. Hot and nothing to do. Just warm like if it was hot all day and night. My name is Billy and I’m a true Aussie with both of my parents born in Australia I have always lived in the outback of Australia where the farms and rivers were.

I have my cows and sheep that I graze, about 200 in total. Now I’m lying down on my balcony with the hot sun shining on my house. It’s really warm, the floor of the balcony and very peaceful. I live in an isolated house apart from other houses near the city, I can hear the sheep making noises and cows mooing perhaps for food. Now it’s lunch time, and my mother’s calling me to have lunch.

I see my lunch always the same and tasty as it always was, spaghetti with meat balls. I love it it’s one of my favorite foods I would love to learn how to cook it, only when my mum has time.

She works at a school, not my school that’s in the countryside but in the city. Today’s Saturday so I didn’t go but in weekdays she has to catch the bus and go for a 2hr trip. She teaches yr 6 students and she’s highly trained for big schools. So on weekdays she comes at 8 in the evening.

My dad on the other side is an ordinary farmer who grazes cows and sheep and produces milk and sells them. After I come back from school I would always have to help my dad get milk from the cows. With the...