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In the world of cars different people have different agendas, everyone has different things they want in a car, different objectives in the features they want, and different things they hold dear in their car. One statue that many people hold dear to is their form of transmission; standard or automatic. Standard transmission (or: manual, stick shift, clutch) is the form of transmission in which the driver of the vehicle must change the gears manually using a clutch (a pedal which puts the car in neutral and allows the gears to be shifted) and a stick, usually in the median of the car but sometimes it may be on the steering column itself, that will change the gears. Automatic transmission is when the gears change without any effort of the driver or conductor. The amazing thing is that so many people are buying automatics and not realizing that stick shifts are so much better.

Every driver physically capable should drive a car with manual transmission.

Some people may argue that driving an automatic is better because you do not have to do anything, which is especially good in traffic situations. The say if given the option of just pressing the gas and brake verses trying to work the clutch, they would rather take the easy way out and drive the automatic. If you are stuck in traffic for two hours the clutch becomes really annoying and having to keep putting the car in gear and then taking it out becomes a lot more hassle than it is worth.

One big problem with this argument is the only people that use automatics are Americans. In other countries people would much rather save money and have to work the clutch. It shows that our culture is so spoiled. People...