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Generation X'ers have been described as 'fanatically independent individuals pathologically ambivalent about the future, and brimming with unsatisfied longings for permanence, for love, and for material possessions.' (Lauren, p.64) This less-than-flattering description of our generation has since been expanded by the media to the point that myself and my peers are described as a bunch of apathetic slackers unconcerned with family values, godless cynics resentful of the preceding generations.

Since Douglas Coupland's Book Generation X came out in 1991, many things have been said about the twentysomethings. Labeled by Coupland and the media as Generation X. Although the name has stuck, Coupland's book is virtually impossible to find. Why is that? Could it be because Generation X describes us, me, everyone who was born between the years of 1963-1983 as 'white and privileged and living in a suburb near you' (Giles, p4). In addition, Advertising Age referred to Generation X'ers as 'That cynical, purple-haired blob watching TV.'

(Giles, p2)

What makes our generation so special, is that we have proven them all wrong. Generation X consists of those between the ages 13 and 33 years of age. We as a group have become the productive, interested, and hardworking individuals that we are today. We have grown to realize that the future's undiscovered country is awaiting our arrival, and is there for the taking.

It isn't at all ironic that during our short lives the world has seen so many changes. Through the work of our generation and the reactions of the Baby Boomers generation, we have helped turn this world into a new age of wisdom; a cut-the-crap, truth seeking generation, both richer and poorer because of it. Do not feel threatened, however, our future, our generations future, and the future of the human race, is in the hands...