Backcountry in the Cascades of Oregon & Washington by Mathias Zollbrecht

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Research Paper in English

By Mathias Zollbrecht

Theme: Backcountry Snowboarding in Oregon and the Southwest

Washington Cascades.

First of all, the definition of Backcountry Snowboarding:

When you see photos from snowboarder with deep fresh powder

snow in magazines it is like a dream, you want to feel free and you

wished you were with the snowboarder on the picture. Those boarder

don't use chairlifts and board on a slope with many people on it, they

use very often the helicopter or the snowmobile, because with them

they can get into untouched powder slopes. Here I want to show you

another way how to get into the nice winter landscape of Oregon's

Backcountry Mountain and what equipment you will need for your

safety on the slope.

The environments of the Cascades:

The landscape here in the North Pacific Cascades is made out of

extreme high volcanoes and their smaller neighboring mountains.

Mount Rainier is the highest of them with its 14,411 feet. It is also the

tallest mountain of the Cascades, and that's also the reason why

around 10,000 people every year try to climb him. But only half of

them make it.


There are three different kinds how to go on the mountains:

1. The snowshoes, they are the most common method to hike

the mountain. They are like a board, which goes on the bottom of

the snowboard boots.

2. A few people cut their cross-country skies in apart. So they

can hike the mountain with the short skies and when they go

down they put the skies on the backpack.

But all of these methods have one problem: They do not include the

snowboard which must be carried on the back of the backpack. And

hiking with backpack and snowboard is very exhausting for a...