Bad side of sports

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Bad Side of Sports

Trophies, gold medals, and awards are some of the reason you might play a sport. But there is something else that you can also get in trying to achieve your goal. All the work you put in for a particular sport can set you up for success and also can set up for failure. Also, it can leave you with something that you will remember for the rest of your life. In a lot of the things that you do like practice, exercising athletics need to also protect themselves. While playing sports some of the things that you do not think of are injuries, diseases, and medicine.

Image, you are just at practice, not a big game, but you are get ready for the next game. Then next thing you notice is that you hear something break and it is your leg. You start to feel all kinds of emotions; it hurts, you have to go to the doctor, and you will not be able to play any more sports for a while.

Also think about if you were playing basketball and you were in the middle of the game and you tripped over your own two feet and you sprained you ankle. Or think about if you were a wrestler or something and all you think about is your body weight. This can cause you to become anorexic, which is an eating disorder and now you have a body disorder. Also think about if you were a boxer and you were to get hit in head (you would probably get hit unconscious) or if you got hit in the kidney ( you would suffer a lot of pain.

Every once in a while you can get hurt playing a sport and you might even...