The Bahá'í Faith

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The Bahá'í Faith

Jayne Keller

HUM 130

March 18, 2012

April Caperson

Running head: THE BAHÁ'Í FAITH




The Bahá'í Faith

In the lyrics to the song "Imagine", John Lennon wrote, "and the world will live as one" (Lennon, 1971) which is a perfect way to describe the Bahá'í Faith. Just as John Lennon wrote in "Imagine", Bahá'í followers believe in unifying all humans under one vision for the "purpose of life and of the future of society" (Bahá'í International Community, 2012). Bahá'í followers believe, "that there is only one God, that all the world's religions are from God, and that it is now time for humanity to recognize its oneness and unite" (Bahá'í International Community , 2012).

The Bahá'í Faith is the world's youngest independent religion having only been established 150 years ago (Bahá'í International Community, 2012). It is a Middle Eastern faith that grew out of the Shi'ite branch of Islam (BBC, 2009).

The history of the Bahá'í faith begins with the Báb which means, "The Gate" (Bahá'í International Community , 2012).

Siyyid Ali-Muhammed was born in 1819 in Persia a Shi'ite Muslim. On May 23, 1844, the Báb announced the impending arrival of "the Messenger of God" who would be the latest in a line of messengers sent from God that included Moses, Jesus Christ, and Muhammad (Bahá'í International Community , 2012). He declared that His purpose was to prepare humanity for this arrival (Bahá'í International Community , 2012). He was quickly arrested, imprisoned, beaten, and on July 9, 1850, he was executed by Muslim clergy who were dominate in Persia at the time, because his teachings contradicted a central point of Islamic faith, that Muhammad was the final prophet (Bahá'í International Community , 2012).

On November 17, 1817, in Tehran, Iran, Husayn...