Bank USA: Help Desk Contact Center

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March 1, 2007

Bank USA: Help Desk Contact Center

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Bank USA Investment Management Division is a department that manages over 200 billion dollars in assets. The division is currently looking to reduce the cost and balance efficiency, affiliated with their help desk operations. The division has 14 full time Customer Service Representatives (CSR), 3 Customer Service Representative support personnel, and 3 managers, totaling 20 people. The Help Desk answers questions and inquiries for personnel that the company holds assets, institutional portfolios, and mutual funds. Bank USAHelp Desk's objective is to "offer superior customer service providing quick and immediate responses to both internal and external customers." In addition, Help Desk has many process-related performance standards, which include 20 seconds average speed of answer or less, answer 90% of all inquiries within the 20 second average speed of answer standard, 2.0%

abandon rate, and 98% of all inquiries resolved within one business day.

The Bank USAHelp Desk is important to the company because it supports the fiduciary operations activities. It handles approximately 2,000 calls per week with customers' with assets as large as 10 million dollars. If the help desk does not provide accurate and quick responses to the customers of the bank, it will lose those customers, as well as the money provided from those customers. A Bank USA customer service representative (CSR) must possess a skill set that includes technical, human interaction, and marketing skills. These three skills combined make a fourth skill, which is the most important for a CSR, called service management. The technical skills that a CSR possesses are the main factors in what makes a call logged as routine rather than one for research. Knowledge of the banks...