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1.For me, Barbie dolls evoke a feeling of a lifestyle that is rich, extravagant, and showy. The values that come to mind are materialism, consumerism, and the desire to show off to others. I assume that people who want a lifestyle like what Barbie promotes are shallow and empty. There is no internal substance, only what shows on the outside is of prime importance. The Barbie dolls play a central role in the story because the girls are poor, and want to have rich lives like the Barbie dolls, and the girls also want to show off that they have many dolls and outfits by buying numerous dolls, even though they are wet, sooty, smell like smoke, and are slightly burned.

2. The protagonist in the story is the girl who is telling the story. The protagonist's character is one that desires materialistic goods so much, and she is also not a very deep person.

In particular she loves Barbie dolls, probably because they portray a rich and extravagant lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that she does not have, since she is poor, yet she wants this rich way of living to be her own. This obsession with Barbie dolls is shown by the way she describes the dolls in depth ( outfits, facial expressions, hairstyles, items included with the dolls, etc.). She is also very insistent as she begs to have the dolls with 7 "pleases" until she gets them. I think she is a shallow person also because of the only game she plays with the dolls is very shallow. It is about stealing boyfriends, then fighting and insulting each other, and they keep playing the game over and over again.

3. The girls playing the "same story" all the time emphasizes that they are...