Barbie's Tarket Market

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Barbie's Target Market

The measurement of a Mattel's marketing strategy is its ability to impact and improve upon each feature of that strategy. Mattel's hope is to achieve a long and prosperous relationship with its customers. They must identify certain customers using a marketing mix and implementing the strategies and goals outlined. These goals should be expressed and understood throughout the company. Mattel will be successful once they have an understanding of the market. The marketing strategy is a dynamic ever changing document that will bring the goals and objectives to life.

The product itself is very much suited for young girls and what they may aspire to be since the doll is presented as always being kind and fun and also doing different jobs, so every girl can relate to one Barbie doll or another. A doll needs to be of good quality, especially since children are not known for taking care of their toys and parents will most probably refuse to buy new ones if the toy does not last long.

The brand name 'Barbie' also needs to be carefully chosen, the product will probably become internationally known and the company will not want it translating into a rude phrase or a complicated one in another language.

The product itself may have to be changed when selling to customers in a foreign country of a different background or culture. For example when Barbie was launched in Japan it was not successful because the young girls in that country could not relate to the blonde haired, blue eyed new doll and so the product had to be changed.

There are 19,560,857 girls between the ages of 5 and 14 years old in the United States and 574,565,109 girls in the same age group in the world. This...