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Most people don't know that the old Packer's quarterback, Bart Starr's real name is Brian Bartlett Starr. Bart Star has lived a great and fulfilling life. Bart Starr was born January ninth nineteen thirty-four. When Starr grew up, he became quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. While he was a packer he led his team to victory of the first two superbowls. After he retired he became head coach of the Packers. Bart Starr was one of the best players to ever play the game.

Even when Bart Starr was a kid he loved football. When Starr was young he admired the Tides football team. In 1951 Bart Starr made the all American high school team. When Starr got older he played for the University of Alabama. Bart Starr was a great player as a kid but even better as a pro.

Bart Star is one of the best players ever and has had so many accomplishments. Starr was so good that he was the most valuable player (MVP) of both of the first two superbowls. Bart was so good he became the professional player of the decade. In 1977 Bart Star was inducted into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame. Bart Starr had a fantastic football career but even after he retired he is still a very hard worker.

Bart Starr has had many ups and downs in his life, but Starr still keeps his body fit, and he is a member of the president's commission on physical fitness. After football Bart got into business. Now he is the director of many major companies. In 1998 Bart Starr's son, Brett Starr, died of hear failure caused by cocaine. Bart Starr is one of the few people...