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Baseball is one of the most popular sports throughout the world. Everyone that watches and loves the sport knows that hitting is a very integral part of the game. Without hitting baseball would have no purpose. Hitting in itself has to be one of the most complex techniques in baseball. Batting stance and technique is what hitting is all about. There is an ideal batting stance, yet it is altered by most hitters in the game. It is definitely a strange thing to see someone in the traditional batting stance taught in little league. Though there are several different kinds of batting stances found in major league baseball, once contact is made, every hitter in baseball is at the same position. The stance a hitter is in at the point of contact can never be changed because this is the only position to establish full power in a swing.

There are seven steps followed when an individual properly swings a bat to hit a ball.

Without knowing and understanding how to use these five steps, someone would probably not be able to hit the ball. If they were able to hit the ball, it would not go very far. The first technique of hitting is getting a visual with the ball. This is called having good eyes. After seeing the ball the hitter judges whether to swing at the ball or not based on if they believe they can handle what the pitcher throws. This part of hitting is probably the most important. If someone has good eyes they can become a very good hitter.

The second technique is striding. Striding is comes after the batter is in hitting position and they step toward the pitcher. This helps generate momentum toward the ball before you even swing. Depending on the...