Baseball: Experience Essay

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Wyatt Takes The Mound

I wake up and it's about 10:30 am; approximately an hour and a half till game time. I grab my hat, cleats, and glove as I head out the door. Today is game day. It's mid-summer and nearing the middle of the baseball season. Today I am feeling rather nervous about the game, which usually doesn't happen, but today is special. Today, I pitch.

While I drive down the road, I feel butterflies begin to flutter in my stomach. All I can think of is, "What if I mess up?" or "What will coach do when I hit a kid?" The fear of trying something new was not as great as the fear that I was trying it in front of many other people. My fear grew as I continued my path to the field.

I pulled to the parking lot and toss a glance at Matt who is parked right beside me.

I see that Matt starts to come over while I finish getting dressed. Matt and I talk about the game and he shows me a thing or two about mechanics. All I know now is to throw the ball across the little white square.

The coach, Mr. Bohnet, sees I have arrived and so he comes to talk to me. He asks me what pitches I can throw and how often I want to throw them. Then he asks me to go over to the warm-up mound and show him a few pitches. Mr. Bohnet told me I have a curve, fastball, and a change-up but we will be sticking to the basics tonight and not throwing the curve. Before I can think, game time.

The Rams take the field quickly all around me but I take my time going out to the...