"Blow it Out" -- A compare and contrast essay of athletes and druggies

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Blow it Out

Every action holds its own benefits and consequences. Throughout life, decisions are made and actions are taken, some may be more important than others but they all form our ultimate existence. Most people can't stand the daily grind in itself. One needs a release in some form to remain relatively sane. On the road to sanity there are many paths to choose from. It's amazing how very differently people result when presented with the same options. Much can be learned about a person by looking at their tendencies or, better yet, addictions.

In the competitive world of today, stress levels sky rocket. One's well being often depends on their ability to please an oblivious overlord. A weak many wither away under these conditions, deterioration beginning in the nostrils. While the truly ambitious strive by testing their limits and improving themselves. The difference is found in their tendencies at home, their stress management.

The successful find productive activities. What may begin as a New Years resolution or a sexy summer solution, could ultimately bring them happiness. A habit is easily developed when one is properly motivated. Though they might be striving for the perfect body, they improve their mind as well. It soon becomes hard to stray from that routine, athletes know when they aren't pushing their body and a reduced level of performance is a terrible feeling. Bliss is reaching a strength plateau then crushing it. An active body is a happy body. The reduced stress an athlete feels is apparent in everything they do. Whether it be the radiant soccer mom, savvy entrepreneur or student athlete, these people are just more fun to be around because of their active habits. They have a certain confidence that carries over from their workout. Participating in sports also gives...