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Basketball Player1. The career that interests me is a basketball player. I like the competition that basketball brings. I like to play the sport because it is physical and keeps you in shape. I like being able to play against my team members.

2. In my career you need to be in good physical shape. You must be able to have accuracy when shooting the ball. You must be a good dribbler and a good passer. You must be disciplined on and off the court. The work I will be doing is practicing every day, reviewing the plays the coach sets up and rebounding and shooting the ball.

3. This career has no education requirements but any educational benefits given should be taken. The special training required for this job is to have the skills necessary to be able to play effectively and to be able to shoot and pass the ball accurately.

4. The special skills that you should have to be successful in this career are knowledge of the game, the ability to perform effectively under pressure and the necessary means of getting the ball through the basket and dribbling.

5. The classes that would be helpful for me while I am in high school to take to help me with this career would be gym and health. Gym will help me learn the basic fundamentals of basketball. Health will show me good eating habits to stay healthy.

6. The conditions under which I will be working will be the pressures of the coaches, players, and fans.

7. The potential earnings range between NBA minimum salaries is determined by the number of years a player has been in the league. The salary ranges from 350 thousand dollars to as much as one team can afford.

8. The employment outlook if you chose this career is very slim. The chances you will be able to get a job and succeed are very hard.

9. The opportunities for advancement in this field are limited. Most of the time retired players get the opportunity to be coaches and sports announcers.

10. The personality traits that one should have for this career is to be tall, athletic, team player, and gifted. You must have total commitment to the sport and the desire to win.

11. I think with determination and lots of practice I could be successful in this career.