Batch Production, Mass Production, Continuous Production and One-off Production

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Batch Production

Batch Production is a way of creating items in bulk. In batch production, general-purpose equipment and methods are commonly used to produce small quantities of items that will be made and sold for a limited time only. Usually a similar design and process will be used to make a new product, cars are a good example of this. Often after car has been made another version will be created that has got new features.

In batch production specialized tools or items for construction purposes are created. Batch production is also used commonly in food and packaging and large ovens get specifically made to produce batch foods, these types of ovens are known as one-off productions.

What are one-off productions?

One-off productions are items which have only been created once. Either they have been assembled depending on the customers needs (like some large computers) or products have been constructed from basic materials by a craftsman who specializes in making individual items (most musical instruments are one-off productions that have been made by specialist craftsmen).

Usually loads of different materials will be used but these resources are brought together only once. Often special measures have to be taken when creating one-off items in order to stop the cost from escalating.

Continuous production

In continuous productions products are usually made in a series of steps. Large amounts of goods are expected in Continuous production and often workers will each be assigned a small part of one item. In continuous production one item is made and then re-produced hundreds, sometimes thousands of times. The tasks given to workers can be quickly mastered and sufficiently done. For example the parts produced to be used inside televisions and car engines are often constructed under means of continuous production.

What is Mass Production?

In mass-production machines are used to produce Items extremely quickly and very cheaply. Despite it being cost effective and a good way to make things in Bulk, if somebody wishes to change the design it can take a very long time and stop production all together. Cars are good examples of mass-produced items.Violins and other musical instruments are often one-off productions Cars are a good example of mass production. Foods like bread are often created using continuous production. Packaging is often batch produced