"Batter Women Syndrome" by Lenore E. Walker

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"The Battered Woman" by Lenore E. Walker discusses issues on domestic violence and the battered woman syndrome (BWS). Dr. Walker wrote this book in the year 1979 so she could reveal her findings and educate the people on the battered women syndrome, and domestic violence. Walker is one of the most well known researchers on the issue of domestic violence and the battered women syndrome (BWS). She has spent and dedicated a lot of her time in the field of domestic violence. Domestic violence has been around for centuries, and the majority of the victims are women. The term Domestic Violence did not come into use until the 1970s. Having first been used to address the problem of wife battering, it now encompasses much more. Other terms commonly used are, for example, spousal abuse and intimate partner abuse. There are four major types of domestic violence. Firstly, there is physical violence which is the most popular of all.

This type includes pushing, slapping, beating, and assault with a weapon. Secondly, sexual abuse, which covers a wide range of assaults including forced sexual intercourse, penetration with a foreign object, grabbing and fondling, verbal sexual threats, and any other unwanted attempt on sexual contact. Thirdly, the economic abuse, whereas the abuser denies the victim access to resources such as education and employment. Lastly, psychological abuse, which includes acts such as isolating the victim from contact with others, humiliating the victim, degrading the victim, and threatening to harm the victim or those close to the victim (in example family and friends).

Lenore Walker discusses many aspects of the psychology of the "Battered Women" that I find to be very valid. She discusses topics such as the myths and reality, as well as the cycle theory of violence that correlates with the...