Battle of The Rockies

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It is about noon when John taps my shoulder. In a light voice he says " its time."

I in a semi-harsh tone "All right then the troops ready or not?"

"Don't know?"

"They better be or it's the chair for us."


My cell phone rang but I didn't need to answer it because Josh already thought me the message. As I turned the corner we passed the news section. Which I didn't think was necessary, but boy I couldn't have been more wrong. For about twenty minutes neither of us said any thing. But then John says "Ja hear about Timis death?"


"Kinda sad don't yah think?"

"Yeah. That piece of shit who killed him is going to die!"

"By your own hands?" John asks.


"Chill!? Ok? Yeash"

"Relax alright. You must admit he did kill many of them."

"I know it's hard."

"What are you talking about?" I ask smugly.

"Never mind!"


Then John opened a door just to the right of him. Turns and says jokingly "If you enter and say anything to the C.I.A., you will die. But you already know that. Right?"

"Yes dipshit. So what do I have to do?" I say tiredly. But you must understand that I have been inside of a mountain for about two months I guess. But before I could organize my complaints John says, "Dave pay attention dam-it."

"Alright. I'll complain later." Under my breath I say, "Bitch."

"Okay." John says. "Where was I before I was before I was rudely interrupted."

"I said I was sorry!" Hunter shouts.

"Was I talking to you" John says sternly.

But before they go at each other's neck.

Josh says in a calm tone, "John you where talking about how were going to end this war."...