The Unwelcome Visitor

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Belinda Jacobs 11A Creative Writing Coursework

The Unwelcome Visitor

Tonight the wind howled. Monica Gianni climbed gratefully into her Audi, wondering how long the journey to Jaime's would take. To make a pleasant change (ahem not!), her boss had handed her a nine-page contract twelve minutes before she was about to leave. Revenge she supposed, as he lost the battle for promotion to Monica herself. Typically, once past the mark of six o'clock the traffic was twice as terrible. As she cruised down the motorway in first gear her mind wondered to her lifelong best friend Jaime, and his lovely wife. She had to admit she was jealous, he had a settled mortgage two kids and a stable job: whereas her single lifestyle was rocky and frustrating. To top it all she'd forgotten a present for Jaime and Anna, it would have to be another box of cheap corner shop chocolates that they would never eat.

They were always doing the giving these days and she owed them a return invitation. She hoped she wouldn't be outstaying her welcome.

SLAM; she crushed down on the brakes. Damn she'd lost focus again. She pulled back onto the hard shoulder and reversed a few paces. She sighed as she stepped out the car, and shuddered while sadly carrying the dead cat and placing it on the freezing grass. The black as ink cat melted into the night. Ironically, Monica thought about how she chose the Audi for its safety features. The cat that had just run into the front of her car was dead, and what made it run blindly, she could only but wonder.

She jumped back in to the plush leather gratefully; and to occupy her mind she switched on the radio. The news, depressing as usual did nothing...