The BCS is the collusion to attain more money-spelled out in game theory. (Purely Opinion)

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(Purely Opinion) The Bowl Championship Series of Bowl Games system to decide the collegiate national football champion has been exploited for what it is, the collusion between the five major conferences for a bigger share of the annual bowl profits by squeezing sponsors promising a more competitve game than in years past. By legitimizing the one national championship game by computer ranked number one and number two team in the nation no one would be able to refute the objectivity of an equation and take out all the subjectivity that the old system created. The five major conferences include the PAC-10, BIG-10, BIG East, ACC, SEC, and Big 12. In the old system the AP Poll and Writer's Poll would each pick their own number one and number 2 team and have them play in their respective bowl games and if they won won the championship. As it may already seem this caused major problems when old traditoinal bowl matchups like the Rose Bowl which pitted the Big 10 champion with the Pac 10 champion created split national champions because sometimes number one would not play number two in a bowl game.

Therefore the BCS was created that promised the coaches would vote the winner of the computer selected number one and number two national championship game the National Champion. But because the BCS equation which factors in Strength of Schedule of primary and secondary opponents, quality wins, and conference wins, along with the AP Poll the AP Poll element creates a contraversy when the AP and Writer Poll Number one doesn't get to play for the national championship game like what happened this year of 2004 to the USC Trojans. What did them in was their supposed soft schedule that USC played, because they played in Pac 10. The...