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Now of course looks does matter, but that's not the important thing unless they did it to themselves. An example would be a man who tattoos his whole body. Then looks would matter because your thinking what's going on in this dudes head do I really want to know him. When people think of beauty they think of looks and to be honest so do I, but what we forget many times is that a person's inner beauty is what matters most. Like Darren Lore he's a preacher and he does things to help people. And I'm talking beyond the pulpit; like going to help the sick. Now I'm not saying that he's ugly or anything what I'm saying is that because what he does for people makes him beautiful. Now I know him because he's my uncle, but some one like Bill Gaither I don't know. But I know that Bill has wrote many songs for the lord and he has started a great Christian organization that has lasted many years and hopefully will in the future.

But Bill is getting older and his nose is about the size of a pickle. By looks you couldn't really call him beautiful. But like I said it's inner beauty that count's and he has plenty of that. And one last thing someone like Pamela Anderson has plenty of Beauty on the out side, but to tell you the truth I would hate to even look on her inside because she wouldn't have very much inner beauty.