Behavioral Management

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Define the Problem

Problem solving or decision-making is an unavoidable facet of life. I once heard a saying, "Any decision made is a wise decision and the decisions that are not made are the unwise decisions because you never experience the outcomes whether good or bad."

Today, I am faced with a decision to make that has been my concern for some time. In this paper, I will discuss this problem and the steps taken in analyzing the same in order to make my decision. The people who will help me solve my problem are my closest friends Sophie, Chuck, Lucille and Isula. They are all my seniors and have years of wisdom and I draw on them for support, and guidance. Most of all, I seek the help of God when making all my decisions.

I now ask myself these questions, who, what, when, where, why? Who is the problem, my employer Insurance Management (Bahamas) Limited.

What actions or measures should be taken; whether or not I should continue my employment with the company. When should it be done; the decision should be made right away. Where is this taking place; at Insurance Management, Freeport, Grand Bahama. Why, because it needs to be addressed and I am not growing in the organization.

I am encountering several problems issues. Firstly, I am not motivated. Secondly, my salary is not reflective of my experience and degree. I am underpaid and not being considered for a raise. Thirdly, there is definitely no room for growth and development. There is no career planning in the organization. Employees are not valued as human being and assets within the organization. But rather they are beings to be managed as top management sees fit. There is no real customer...