Being gay in America

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Putting oneself in the life of a gay person, why would anyone do that? Being gay in America is a difficult way to live. There are stereotypes to be defeated and misunderstandings to be had. For the most part, we as the gay community feel alone. Being gay in America has become easier over the years; however society still has not accepted it fully causing daily struggles.

I have learned throughout my years that being gay in America is very difficult, as society has not fully accepted it as a lifestyle. Two out of three Americans look at people who are gay with disgust and fear. (Hartman, Steve., 2004). They treat us as though we have the plague and even go as far as walking on the other side of the street. If society is not shunning the gay people of society, they are committing violent crimes upon our persons or properties.

Gay people in America have been a major target of either a violent or property crime. (USA Today) Unfortunately, many people of society deal with the unknown or their fears by violence. Since being gay has been hidden for so many years' people do not know how to deal with it now that this lifestyle is now out in the open.

(Herek, 1990)Since this lifestyle has been brought out in the open for society to deal with, the violence has become more evident. According to Herek, gay men suffer from hate crimes the most out of all the gay community. It is believed that people look down on the gay community, as they are different when it is known that we aren't any different than anyone else. God made all man equal but a lot of people in society use the church as an excuse to look...