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Chance has been living in the Old Man's house for as long as he can remember. One day the Old Man dies, and because there is no proof of Chance having lived in the house, he has to go.

When he is out in the street, he has no place to go to. He wants to cross the street and he walks between to parked cars. One of the cars suddenly moves backwards and Chance is stuck between the to cars. A woman (Mrs. Rand) gets out, apologizes and offers him to stay with her and her husband. Chance accepts.

They arrive at the woman's house. There is a doctor there, because Mr. Rand is very ill. Mr. Rand is chairman of the Financial Institute. Because Mr. Rand is so ill, and important, the President of the USA comes to visit him. Mr. Rand likes Chance so much that he wants him to meet the President.

During this meeting the President asks Chance what he thinks of the bad season on Wall Street. Of course Chance doesn't know what the President is talking about, but he has to say something so he says that in a garden growth has it's season, and as long as the roots are not severed all is well and will be well. The President finds this a very wise answer and he even quotes it in his next public speech. He also mentions Chance's name, and so Chance gets famous. He is asked to come on TV and he is interviewed by newspaper journalists.

Chance accompanies Mrs. Rand to several meetings and parties. He meets important people. Then people (the President and the Russian ambassador, among others) want to know about his past. But nothing can be found about his past.

That is one...