Being young is better than being old

Essay by eimonphyo May 2007

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Being young is full of strength, natural beauty and good health given by nature. Being old means decreasing strength and beauty and it is also the starting point of destruction.

The young and old can be found in any profession and at any level of society. In well-developed countries,many businessmen employ most of the young people for their business. People in late-thirties with no experience in work are so difficult to get a job. So the youths are easier to get a job than the olds. Moreover, the youths have plenty of new,brilliant ideas and they can get a good salary too. The youths are friendly with the latest developments in computer technology and know how to get the latest information linking the computers with the internet. As the people are getting old, they have little things to do. They are abandoned by their busy family members who can't company and make conversation with them and are removed from jobs.

In most of the South-east Asian countries nearly all businessmen and businesswomen employ the youths. Even when they reduce their employees, they dismiss most of the the olds except for the well-experience and reliable persons. The youths are decisive and brave. The olds take much time to make a decision.

In inclusion, everyone wants to be young. They can possess the strength and all wellness .Therefore being young is better than being old.

Biography: I am a middle student . This is an essay written by myself . The tile is given by my teacher.