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Bengalis are not only securing the top place of being the most corrupted people but also stands first in another aspect. Guess what... Yes, they are talkative, a very talkative nation indeed. It's not a bad thing at all. If you are talkative that means you can communicate very well - this is where we are wrong. We perceive that the way of communicating or relate to someone is only talking to him or her. We don't care a bit what the other person is thinking or trying to say. We give our own speech & are not intend to hear what the listener is receiving. This is not the appropriate way. If you want to be a good speaker, you have to make sure first that you are a very good listener as well.

We do speak to lot of people for different purpose everyday & we are so used to it that most of the time we forget the significance of being a skilled speaker.

Speaking ability is a part of one's characteristic & a person can be judged by his/her speaking skill. It can effect other people's view about you. Therefore, it is evident how important role it plays in one's life. As I mentioned earlier, to be a good speaker one must be a very effective listener. Have u ever concentrated on the point that what prevents you from being a skillful listener? Here are some with a bit of solution to the problem -

1.Reacting to the speaker's appearance & mannerism - Try not to focus on the looks of the speaker. We have a tendency of judging people by their look & assume some ideas from their appearance. Avoid pre-judgment.

2. Failing to control distractions - Human beings are...