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THE BEST MODEL CHEVY CAMARO INTRODUCTION Chevrolet has been producing the Camaro model since 1967. There have been many different body styles, engines and complete packages to choose from. For the 2001 model year there are only 3 different choices that each have a coupe and convertible chassis. The top of the line model is the SS (Super Sport), the middle in being the Z-28 and the more economical 3800 Series which is the only Camaro with a six cylinder engine. The SS and Z-28 have V-8 engines that have been derived from the most recent LS-1 engine that is found in the Corvette. The Camaro is an American sports car that has a long history behind it. But with recent sales declining its future is up in the air. The decision now is to find out which one of these cars is the best.

Purpose The purpose of this report is to determine which model of Chevy Camaro is the best.

There will be no other car compared to it but itself. There are essentially six different models available in the 2001 lineup. Their manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) base prices range from $17,650 up to $33,275. The performance and appearance between these models is greatly different though. This research paper will grade each individual model on its standard and optional features as well as the cost of ownership, style and performance. It will also tell about some of the after-market accessories that could be used to customize the Camaro.

Scope Areas The topic areas that will be investigated based on all of the research are fuel economy, style, overall cost, performance and practicality. Fuel economy deals with how good the gas mileage is for each car. Noting that a v-6 engine model will get more miles to the...