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By: Allyssa Grajo


That's what we are.

We're also best friends, right?

We're happy and we're always together..

When we are going to our school, when it's lunch time, free time ... and even weekends.

That's Best friends!! Best friends do not left each other behind.. Forever Best friends, right?

But.. that was before.

Before I feel these strange feelings.

I know, deep inside.. I don't want to treat you as my best friend.

Because, I think.. I'm falling in love with you. :(

Can you blame me? They say that you are the kind of person that is perfect.

And.. I? Who used to be with you all the time, will not fall in love with you?

For how many years, I've been taking care of our friendship.

And I'm afraid that I can wreck that.

I don't want you to stay away from me.

I don't want you to avoid me.

It's fine if I get hurt in every glimpse that I always do to you.

I know your treatment to me will never be more than a best friend.

Oww, It could be..

as your sister,

It's alright for me that you will not return my love for you.

Just don't take the things that will make my heart alive for now.

In my heart that is slowly breaking in every smile that you show to me.

Your greetings in every morning.

Your voice, whose job is to make my heart skip.

Your smile that completes my day.

Your mock that's not funny anymore, can still shudder me.

Your jokes that are corny, can still make me smile.

And above all of this is...

Your presence..

As long as you're beside me, I am fine.

Am I martyr? I just don't want to...