Biblo Baggins of "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien Character Analysis.

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Bilbo Baggins in the novel, The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, is a clever character. In the beginning of the tale, the dwarfs considered Bilbo as a worthless grocer rather than a burglar (Tolkien 18). Later on in their journey, the dwarfs gave Bilbo more respect because of the many times he saved them from the obstacles they faced. He is a hero, some might say. The first thing that anyone would think of when they hear the word "hero" is strength and ability. However, Bilbo Baggins is not that type of hero. He used his humor and intelligence to aid him in saving his crew; however, the start of the journey was a bit shaky.

As their journey began, Bilbo was clumsy and inexperienced. His first mission to investigate a light in the woods was a disaster. Trolls captured him and the dwarfs; however, Gandalf, the wizard, soon saved them.

At this time, the dwarfs look up to Gandalf more than anyone else. Soon after Gandalf left them to continue on with their journey, Bilbo becomes well respected.

In the meantime, Bilbo was again captured. He woke up in a cave and found a ring, which enabled him to become invisible when placed on his finger. He encountered a creature named Gollum, who launched a game of riddles. Bilbo was clever enough to have answered every riddle correctly, escaped from Gollum, and returned to Gandalf and the dwarfs on the other side of the mountains.

Continuing their journey without Gandalf, another obstacle arouses. Bilbo overcame this hindrance chivalrously. When the giant spiders in the woods captured all the dwarfs, Bilbo did not try to kill the beasts. He decided to insult the spiders and lead them further away from the dwarfs. He wanted to make them curious,