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4 Leaf Entertainment Web Specifications and Proposal Client: Cameron Health Web Address: http://www.Cameronhealth.com Attend: Bill Wrissmann / Cathy Bowemant 4 Leaf's goal is to provide Cameron Health with a diligent, experienced and like-minded group of professionals capable of delivering turn-key web development, marketing and project services as required.

The following is a proposal to create a Cameron Health.com web site that features a dynamic web site solution that successfully captures your creative identity and functionality goals.

Assumptions: We have developed the following site plan without your creative direction in an attempt to establish a point of departure. We understand that you will provide us with the architectural design but anticipate that the overall work load will be similar to that which we have outlined below.

1. Navigation Scheme "“ Taking the target audience into account, we have determined that the most efficient navigation would be located at the header of each page with a smaller text navigation located at the footer of each page.

2. Page Size Layout a. Navigation Header 80 x 800 b. Left side column 500 x 35 c. Content Area 500 x 765 d. Bottom Navigation 20 x 800 Site Map Home Page The Home Page will contain a general description of the company a long with a brief list of job descriptions and other relative news. Links will include: About page, Employment page, Contact page, and Secure Login.

About Page This page contains a brief description of the company with the companies mission statement and general back =ground information on the company.

Employment Page This page will give prospective employees a list of current needs with links to a resume submission form, and direct email to the employment department.

Contact Info This page gives all the needed contact information , which includes office hours, address, email address, and phone numbers.

Cameron Health needs to provide: 4 leaf will require the Architecture plan (similar to the above), logo and color preferences. We will create unique graphics for the site, but ask that you provide any images specifically required for the site.

4 Leaf will also require from Cameron Health the following: Text Content for: Copyright text for the Home Page Copyright text for the About Page List of Employee Needs Contact Information Timeline We can begin code construction design as immediately as Thursday, February 22.

Phase 1 Working prototype with limited graphics and full functionality.

(10-12 working days) Approximately Phase 2 Revised and tested Version 1 site (3-4 working days) Compensation 4 Leaf's contract fee will be $3,500 for a buy-out of the Cameron Health Site outlined above. We would like to retain the contract to update and maintain this site as well. We are offering this low bid in order to begin our web development relationship with your firm and position us to contribute to further projects.