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When the question "Do you feel that corporations are justified in laying employees off while continuing to make profit?" was presented to me I had mixed emotions towards the subject. My emotions said of course they aren't justified and they should not be laying off employees when they are making a profit but I began to think logically about the consequences of not laying off employees when you are currently making a profit. After considering this I felt that yes corporations were justified. They are justified for these reasons firstly, when running a company you need to remain competitive and if that means that the company needs to reduce spending they may have to lay off employees. Secondly, If you do not remain competitive you will lose your profit and go into debt which could mean that assets could be seized and jobs would be lost. Lastly, laying off employees is usually only done if necessary for the companies well being.

In a world filled with electronics and robots certain skilled trades are becoming obsolete. These trades include certain autoworkers and most assembly related jobs. These jobs are becoming obsolete because it is more cost effective for the company to have robots to do these jobs. For this reason people in these trades find themselves out of a job. The people who run these companies do not have a cold hart but are merely trying to remain competitive with the rest of the market. Although people may think that this is all bad news it isn't, many people earn a living being a computer technician working on these robots.

We need to understand that people do not just get layed off because their boss feels like it. Employees are layed of because it is necessary for the company, it is...