Big sky of Montana (SWAT Analysis)

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Big sky of Montana

General Information:

Big Sky of Montana, Inc. is a medium-sized (11,000 acre, 2,000 beds) destination resort separated into two main areas: Mountain and Meadow villages.

Big Sky Resort was conceived and built by the late NBC newscaster, Chet Huntley. It first opened for skiing in December 1973. In 1976, Boyne USA Resorts purchased the resort and has owned and managed it since then.

The winter season usually begins in late November and continues until the middle of April. The area has 18 slopes and the terrain breakdown is:

Advanced: 20%

Intermediate: 55%

Novice: 25%

The skiers are dividing as follows:

Local day skiers (no lodging) Montana residents, taking no skiing lessons and representing intermediate-advanced skiers who spend on average 20 days (5 hours daily) at the resort;

Individual destination skiers (lodging) half of the last year's usage based on the skier days (average length of stay is 6 hours daily), representing intermediate skiers who take lessons;

Groups if destination skiers, spending 4-5 days at Big Sky and represent 20% of the total skiers.

The company faces the two types of competition, that for local day skiers and for out-of-state (destination) skiers:

Bridger Bowl has more difficult terrain attracting expert skiers and represents a competitor for only local day skiers;

Destination resorts in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming for out-of-state skiers.

SWOT Analysis:


Location: Big Sky is very easy to get to and the airport is also there. There are almost all kinds of shops and even places for sport. There are also meeting halls that offer business groups combine business with pleasure;

Lift facilities: They include two double chair chairlifts; a triple chair and four-passenger gondola with the total capacity...