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There are certain aspects about myself that many people may not know. For instance, I am a very active person who likes to keep busy most of the time. At times, it is difficult to manage everything going on but somehow I see it through to the end.

I like to keep fit by doing Pilates and going for walks with the dog. Eating healthy is another way in which I try to stay on top of things. Junk food tastes great, but like everything else, moderation is the key. I find being outdoors is relaxing and calm. I love creating and maintaining a garden and enjoy the spring when the greenhouses are open for the season. Finding new plants to put in the garden and watching them grow can be a great feeling. When fall sneaks up on me, I like to walk or drive in the woods taking scenic pictures off autumn in full bloom.

One thing I have proven to others and myself is that I'm a great handyperson. Whether it is painting, re-decorating, re-wiring or any other household task, I am the person to get the job done. I enjoy doing something that I have not done before, and in my opinion, why not attempt to do it yourself before you call in a professional.

When it comes to money, I can really stretch a dollar. I have always been taught to budget and to realize the difference between "needs" and "wants". Of course, it's always enjoyable having nice things but being materialistic doesn't get you far in life; it only gets you into debt. With that said, I love to shop! Shopping is a huge stress reliever but it's also a dangerous habit. I enjoy any type of shopping including clothes, shoes, plants, furniture etc.