Biology Relating To Construction Management

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My field of interest is construction management. The construction industry is to some degree intertwined with the biological world. Every structure we live in, work in, or play in is immersed in the biological world. Throughout all of history as our cities and civilizations have expanded further and further into the natural world we have affected ecosystems, populations, and all of nature. Some of the most efficient builders are found in nature. The study and understanding of biology and how operates in nature can help in limiting the impact future construction has on the biological word.

An aspect of construction that continues to become more and more critical is how to make the least amount of impact on the environment while still achieving the needs of society. With Mother Nature in mind everything from construction sites to construction methods and even construction materials have and continue to undergo change in order to minimize their impact on the biological world.

One aspect of this field that is rapidly gaining acceptance is in the development and use of alternative building materials. In his book Nick Tucker states “We believe that low environmental impact polymers will find increasing application because of a combination of rising prices of fossil origin raw materials, and a collective desire to reduce the detrimental effects on the environment of manufacturing activity. It is therefore an appropriate time to present information that should be a starting point for the experienced polymer practitioner wanting to take up new materials, and an introduction to the possibilities of the application of such materials to designers, specifiers, end users, and waste managers”(Tucker, 2004, p 91-92). Some of these materials cost more; nevertheless many construction managers are realizing the environment benefit as well as the financial benefit from building “green.” Many of these benefits...