Body Language - Actions often speak louder than words.

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Body Language probably dates back to pre-historic times, when people didn't have words to speak. Body language can be defined as the exchange of messages primarily through non-linguistic means. Through education, we now prefer words to communicate and therefore may overlook non-verbal signals. As leaders in the military and in the civilian sector, it is important to understand non-linguistic factors. By mastering this, we can communicate more effectively with people and better interpret what those individuals are communicating to us. I completely agree with the assignment article, Presenter Behaviors: Actions often speak louder than words. Base on personal experiences and what we are taught at the Sergeants Major Academy, effective presentations before audiences is a key skill often associated with career advancement. Eye contact, gestures, appearance, voice and the use of visual aids are important factors for a successful presentation. Eye contact is the most important, but all others must be equally mastered.

I will explain the importance of some of these factors.


Being able to understand body language will help us understand what our audience or group is saying to us non-verbally. From childhood, we became used to pay attention to facial expressions. Some experts believe verbal cues (words) provide seven percent of a message's meaning, vocal cues (tone of voice) provide 38 percent, and facial expressions provide 55 percent. Base on this, we can't afford to take facial expressions lightly. Facial expressions, such as our smile, are really important. A smile conveys the

message that your audience likes you, and they are happy with your presence. It conveys a subtext of trust and caring. It also projects warmth and confidence and is key to establishing rapport. Our facial expressions should match our message. Sending mixed messages will weaken our influence.

Our eyes can reveal many feelings,