"Bone Dance" by Martha Brooks.

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Sometimes an author uses two characters with parallel lives two show that two people can be very similar. This is the case in Bone Dance, by Martha Brooks. Lonny and Alex are similar even though they live far from each other. Three parallels between Lonny and Alex are that they have only one friend, one of their parents die, and someone out of their immediate family raises them. These parallels are used to join these two characters and show two different people can be similar.

The first parallel is both Lonny and Alex have one friend. Lonny's friend is Robert and Alex's is Serena. Lonny and Robert are close, but Robert doesn't really care about Lonny's strange happenings. Robert prefers not to talk about the bones they dig up, and switches the subject. They blame each other for not stopping after they found the skull. One could say Robert also has guilt.

Because of Robert, Lonny met Joe Dakota. Lonny always remembers him when he thinks of his mother's death of the Burial Mound. He thinks of him because of his buffalo skull key ring. Serena is Alex's friend, but argues with her. She too, doesn't care much about the dreams of Alex. They get into fights, and this shows that they might not be as close together as Lonny and Robert. They also disagree on a lot of topics. Alex wants to keep the land while Serena says, "If I were you, I'd sell the land, take part of the money, and spend it on a modest vacation..." (p. 79). Having only one friend isn't the only thing Lonny and Alex have in common.

The second parallel is that Lonny and Alex have only one parent. Lonny loses his mother of what he thinks is depression. He...