Book 9.5- The Happy Dwarves of Donop: An Addition to Homer's Odyssey

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"Three days we sailed, with no sight of land.

On the fourth day, we caught site of an island

to the left. We steered toward it, and upon coming closer,

we noticed the queer characteristics of the island.

It rose out of the sea like the top of some great mountain.

Round the very top of the mountain

was a ring of tiny, close set cottages.

A bit further down the mountain, closer to the sea,

were rolling green hills

covered with white and brown and black and gray.

The whole island was not very tall,

but the middle was a noticeable point.

Coming closer still, we saw

that the neutral spots of color were moving.

A sea of seasoned cotton

blowing across the soft slate of green.

They were rabbits-hundreds and hundreds of rabbits-

covering the knolls. We found a small inlet and went ashore.

We found and followed a narrow, winding dirt path

to the ring of cottages.

When we arrived,

they were even tinier than we had previously expected.

The middle cottage, the biggest of them all, had two floors.

Yet the edge of the roof was just above our heads.

Just then a tiny man, to match the house, came out to greet us.

'Hello, friends! I am Dompus,

king of this fine island of Donop.

And these many Dwarves of mine

(several other tiny men had emerged

from the other cottages) are the Donopians.

I see your men are tired, and wanting food and drink.

Come into the Common and sit round the fire.

We are just about to start our feast.'

Inside the ring

of cottages there was a blazing fire,

with nearly one hundred happy Dwarves sitting round it

warming themselves. Above the fire were

two hundred or so rabbits roasting on stakes.