This is a book report on the book "It's True It's True" by Kurt Angle. He is a WWE pro wrestler and Olympic gold medalist

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The autobiography It's True It's True, tells the true-life story of athlete, Olympic gold medalist, and pro wrestler Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle has become successful in everything he has put his mind to. In Kurt Angle's autobiography, 'It's True It's True,' it shows that your personal loses can make you determined to achieve a goal and drive you to succeed.

Kurt's success in sports started at a very young age. Kurt has been very athletic since the day he was born. Part of the reason was that his older brothers played sports and they lead him into them. Kurt played baseball, basketball, football, and wrestled. He was the best on the team in all the sports except wrestling, oddly enough. Angle stuck to wrestling though and by the time he was in high school he was a football and wrestling varsity player. At the age of sixteen his father died and he became determined to win.

'It took a while for my father's death to actually hit me, but when it did it hit me hard. After I came to terms with it I was determined to make my father proud of me.' The next football game he was the MVP. He made sixteen solo sacks, one interception, two touchdown runs, and two fumble recoveries.

Kurt continued with his sports career but when he entered college he decided to stick solely to wrestling. It wasn't until he was at a Team U.S.A. training camp that tragedy hit him again. His coach, long time friend, and father figure was murdered. This made him train harder and get ready to make the U.S. team and win a gold medal. 'It seems like right before any important event in my life someone dies. At first it seems like such an awful...