Books vs Movies

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Books vs Movies

Entertainment is when the mind becomes intrigued with a book or movie that captures your attention in a story. One of the ways a person or an audience stays interested is if they feel they can relate to a situation in a world that they only hear about in movies or read in a book. Both of these ways of entertainment can receive attention, but only one can truly bring you into another world, one that you never thought could exist until you started turning the pages and finishing the chapters. When you watch a movie, it doesn't compare to opening your mind to the imagination of reading a book. Reading a book creates a much more vast and creative image in ones mind, as opposed to watching movies, which requires a very limited use of your imagination.

When watching a movie, people tend to let their mind go blank and stare idly at the big screen, waiting and watching for the actors in the movie to tell the viewers what is going to happen next. For example, anyone can watch a movie for entertainment purposes and feel just as unintelligent and unenlightened afterwards. The movie does the thinking for you. All the viewer has to do is follow along and make sure you don't blink too much at the wrong moment or have to go to the bathroom at the climax of the movie. Another disadvantage when going to the movies is not being able to pause the movie at your leisure. Movies tend to not leave very much to the imagination of the viewer. However, books are great because you don't have to worry about the things you typically would worry...