"Boris" by Boris Zhitkov This story takes place in Leningrad in the year 1942 when the Russian-German war began.

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Twelve-year-old Boris Macarenko explains how he struggled to keep alive in the freezing cold, but it was not easy with daily air raids and lack of food.

Every day he goes to the canteen to get his ration, which is always thin beetroot soup that is not enough for him or his mother.

Despite his complaints he still got the same thing, but Boris was lucky because he had a friend named Nadia Morozova who new many secrets and for one thing where to get food.

Nadia is Boris's closest friend she always came up with ideas to keep out of trouble.

One day Boris and Nadia were going to the canteen to get their soup, when their bowls were filled they noticed that the soup was thicker and that it had potatoes in it.

They were very happy to see the thick soup; finally, they could have a good meal.

On there way home, they suddenly heard a noise, there where German planes attacking!

The alarm sounded and people ran to their houses.

Boris and Nadia ran in panic, while running Boris carelessly spilt his soup.

He was disappointed and sorry that now he had no food for him or his mother.

Luckily, Nadia knew a place where big potatoes grew, but it is a long and dangerous trip because the place was in No-mans-land in German territory!

The next morning Boris told his mother he was going to Nadia's house so she would not worry.

When he left Nadia was waiting for him, then they were on their way.

They went to the edge of the city and cleverly managed to sneak out!

They walked through the snow for many hours then they decided to rest for a while.

When they caught their breath they walked on eager...