How brand is conceived in the marketing process of cinematografich companies.

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With this search I try to explain what a brand is and which is the importance of the branding in the marketing of all the firms. Subsequently I wanted to link the cinema as a phenomenon of branding and, speaking of marketing, as a set in the market, with all the tools and all the lapels, also trying to uncover the reasons for which people buy a particular garment and the motives for which people go to the cinema.


Abstract 2

Introduction 5

Part One: Brand

What is a Brand!? 6

Characteristics & Specification 7

The Significance of the name of a Brand in the Marketing of Products 8

Strategies and Development of the Strategies over the years 10

Underlying cultural justifications 13

Part Two: Brands in Cinematography

Cinematographic Brand 14

Development of the cinema throughout the history 16

* White & Black, Sound and New Tecnologies

* Kinds of Movies

* Distribution Channels

Part Tree : American Market, Italian Market

Different Developments 18

Reasons to produce a movie 22

Monetary Power, Distribution channels and Revennues 23

Part Four : Cinematographic Advertisment

Advertising as a tool for Marketing 25

Advertisment Channels 26

* Tv, Trailers, Billboards, Radio, Magazines and Preview

Part Five : Cinema as a need

Underlying reasons to go to the cinema 28

Thoughts, Emotions and Social Classes 29

Conclusion 30

Bibliography 31


The object of my research regards the "Brand".

A Brand is a sign variedly engraved or applied on an object to point out the ownership or the origin. It is one of the most important components of a product and the consumers perceive "the brand" as an important component of a product that adds value to the product.

All the brands have specific characteristics which give advantages, and services for the consumer.