A break down of acts and intercuts of the two storylines.

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ActLove StoryIntersectsBasket Ball Story

Act IGirl moves into neighborhood.

Page 15 (10min, 46secs) The Q and Monica become "boyfriend and girlfriend" and then break up immediately.The Protagonist and antagonist meet.Girls against boys; boys learn the lesson that girls are just as good as they.

Act closes with the loss of the final game for Monica (Q winning all the while), she seems to go unrecruited.

Act IIProtagonist, Monica, transforms (Cinderella) and the antagonist, Q, finally notices her as a girl again.

Point of no return: they kiss again and she invites him into her room (symbol of white dress/virgin).

Conflict: Q's father is found cheating on his mother and Monica does not seem to be there for Q in his hour of need.

Climax: Q makes Monica think he's openly cheating on her. They finally break up when Q chooses to give up on the relationship.

Started new relationship because Monica finds the courage to kiss Q when he shares her joy with her.

Because Monica is dividing her attention Q becomes angry, feeling neglected.

They break up because of their opposing views.

Find out that they are both recruited for the same college to play basket ball.

Conflict: Monica discovers she was "second choice" now she feels she must work much harder to stay on the team.

Q decides to drop out to go play pro basket ball, but Monica chooses to stay in school and go pro after she graduates.


Living in different countries and chasing different dreams, Monica is single and Q is engaged.

Monica comes to see him, realizes her feelings for him and decides to quit basket ball.

The two get married and have a daughter.

Monica finds the courage to confront Q about her feelings for him and...