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Khan 3

Saeed khan

Professor Kristen D Mc Clure

English 100

21st March 2013

Essay Two

There are many different types of people all around the world but there are mainly two types of people in this world, one who are good, nice and kind and one who are rude, selfish, and unkind and mean. Everyone, at least once in their life time has comes across a person who has traits of being a rebel, a jerk and inconsiderate. In the movie The Breakfast club one such characters is John Bender. The movie revolves around, the characters, going through their life, sharing each other's life stories with one another which lead to them becoming friends and helps them to grow up and bring about a change in their lives for the better. Although characters from the movie bring about changes in their lives, John Bender is not one of those characters.

John Bender goes from the start of the movie till the end not bringing any changes to himself and this is because in the beginning of the movie he is portrayed as a person who is unclean, inconsiderate, disrespectful, lacks boundaries and is an imbecile.

Looking at the beginning of the movie, the first scene where John is introduced we see that he is walking to school wearing thick long boots, he had fingerless gloves on, a big overcoat and did not appear to look very clean. He looked like he had not taken the time to get ready and instead looked like he had just rolled out of bed and come to school. While John was walking alone to school the other characters in the movie were being dropped of by one of their parents. He appears to be an extremely careless and inconsiderate because as he...