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The book started off in a prison in southern California. The Prison had very low security and it was said that an inmate could walk away and the guards wouldn't notice for six hours. This place was called Trumble and was where three inmates who grew close friends while serving their terms. Each of them was in for a different reason; one was caught for tax evasion, another for a "drunken joyride" that left several hikers dead, yet another for skimming bingo profits. At the prison they were known as the Brethren.

While in jail these convicts had too much time on their hands so they thought up of a get rich quick scam they could do from inside the prison. They put advertisement in a gay magazines requesting a lover they could write to through mail. They could find out their name and address and them find out personal information about them and steal their money.

They did this with the help of their only outside connection, a lawyer named Trevor. One person they got to send letters to them was a well-respected senator named Aaron Lake. He used the name Al Konyers.

Senator Lake was called into a meeting with several FBI agents who asked him to run for President. They said that the United States was in danger of being stuck in a war without the defence to protect itself. They said that they wanted a smart, good-looking, well-rounded politician to run for President and win. They just wanted him to double the national money sent to the U.S. defence. They could give him all the money he needed for his campaign in a legal way. He thought it over and agreed. They knew he would win because they were planning on having terrorists bombing an...