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BUG, INC is an innovative spy company based in the United States. It designs, manufactures, and sells electronic recording devises. They have contracts with the United States and are looking to expand their sales internationally. Our team has been given a few scenarios to interpret for BUG. There are experiences that may or have happened to the company in the past years it has been in business. Watch out, the lady bud with headphones has been in some trouble, but our experts have deciphered the right approach to each scenario.

BUG, Inc. has been able to development and research into their products gives the company an advantage over the competition. This advantage is what has allowed the company to establish their contracts contract with the federal law enforcements agencies and several states. If the company’s confidential information that is the building block of their advantage is shared with their competition the company will risk losing their contracts and take a substantial financial loss.

The company must legally protect this information. The company has different avenues to protect the various parts of products they have developed over the years. Since a driving force is the company’s advantage is the computer software that has been written by the company’s employees the company must obtain a copyright for the software to prevent any company from using the software without the written consent of company. The company must file patents for the mechanical products they develop or any improvements they make to existing machines. The by patenting any developed machinery the company files their rights to the machine and prevent any competition to infringing on their development. The company’s identity is as important as the products that they produce and their exclusive contracts. The company’s exceptional reputation is a bargaining chip for the company...