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Running head: BUG, INC.

BUG, Inc.

Rebecca Barnes, Dennis Benipayo, Glenda Henriquez, Chuck Major, Myaunza Myers

University of Phoenix

Business Law


Patricia A. Turnage

January 26, 2009



BUG, Inc.

In today's uncertain market, businesses may encounter innumerable challenges. Owners of any size or type of business cannot merely be concerned with profits, growth, and recognition; they must also be concerned with the protection of their property, assets, customers, and the activities of their employees. Many businesses lose sight of these issues and find that they are liable for negligent wrongdoing, or find that their business advantages no longer exist.

Protection of intellectual property, product liability, fraud, assumption of risk, and protection when utilizing on-line commerce are all common issues a modern business may encounter. Bug, Inc., a company based in the US that manufactures and sells electronic recording devices, has run into these types of issues.

To follow are six scenarios involving Bug, Inc. and its employees. For each scenario, we will explain the conflict, and then state what liabilities exist for Bug, Inc. We will also detail any conflict of law issues and our recommendations on how these may be handled.

BUG should have a few different types of legal protections for its intellectual property. Intellectual property is valuable in distinguishing a business from its competitors. Trade secrets, patents, copyrights, and trademarks serve to encourage fair competition in business. Through the use of such devices, consumers are protected from confusing one company's products from another and companies are protected from competitors profiting from their ingenuity.

First of all, Bug must take precautions to guard its trade secrets from being discovered by others. Under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, if its trade secrets are stolen, BUG can bring an...