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There are many ways in which people can bully others.

Firstly the bullying can be physical in other words the bully could be, punching, kicking, pushing, spiting, scratching or even tripping up their victim.

Secondly the bullying can be verbal, meaning that the bully is, calling the victim names, swearing or spreading rumours about them.

Another form of bullying is physiological, for instance, staring and dirty looks, laughing at them for no reason or possibly prank or threatening phone calls.

Bullies often feel they have good reason for bulling others.

This could be that they are very different people therefore the bully may not feel they can relate to this person and may think because they are different that they have the right to control the other persons life. The bully might say it's because the person is, more, less intelligent, taller, smaller, fatter, thinner, older, younger, male, female, wears, doesn't wear glasses, their looks, personality, if they have, don't have braces, the quality or brand of their clothes or shoes, skin colour, birthmarks or freckles or even what kind of music they listen to, the sports they play, TV programs, soaps they watch or maybe in general their life and the way they govern it, well this is a bully just trying to justify their actions by making up excuses like the above.

It could be said that some types of bullying are more serious or treated more serious than others.

For example more serious types of bullying would be physical, treating the victim badly because they're different or threatening them. These would all be thought to be serious because they are all making the victim feel pain or very upset.

Bullying that is thought of to be less serious would be name-calling, swearing or spreading rumours as...