"Bullying in the school system." by Igor Litchakev

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DO you think bullying is a serious problem in the school system?

Dont you want to know about the surprising number of bullying incidents that happen at the school you child might be going to?

This is about how big a problem bullying is in the school systems. It explains why kids become bullies and what are the negative impacts of bullying on children.


Bullying is a serious problem in our schools today. In a recent study of middle and high school students by the US Department of Education, nearly 77 percent indicated that they had been bullied in school. 14 percent of the victims experienced long term problems due to the abuse.

Kids become bullies due to low self-esteem. Bullying makes them feel powerful and in control. Bullies think it is okay to use violence to solve problems.

Many schools have implemented policies and procedures for dealing with bullying.

Some of these policies encourage people who are bullied, or have witnessed bullying to report incidents to the teachers. Some schools have "bully boxes" where people can leave notes anonymously about what is happening. Character education programs that focus on traits like tolerance, friendship, responsibility and honesty also help create and maintain a safe environment for all children. Students are encouraged to identify bullying acts and talk about how it hurts. They're taught to use positive strategies to deal with bullying and to ask an adult for help.

It is very important that the teachers, parents and students all understand the school's disciplinary policy. Physical punishment is not appropriate, since this only reinforces the bully's view that it is okay to use violence to solve a problem. The bullying child should be taught how to deal with their aggression and how to interact in a socially responsible manner.