Buses: Part 2

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The bus ride was rather uneventful. It was mostly long, and tiresome. Sitting in front of me was a very young couple. A pretty blonde around 20 or so and a lanky white man with a blue jump suit, and sideways Kansas City Royal's baseball hat, who was about the same age. I could see half a crypt gang tattoo on the back of his lower neck. It was peculiar, I had never seen a true white gang member before. The closest thing I've ever run across is a white drug dealer named Durden. Durden was a short, strong looking guy a little older than I was. He wasn't in a gang, though. He was a wanna-be. All he did was sell guns and weed. This person was for real. The strangest part about it all is that the couple had a newborn child with them and the white guy had to be the best dad I've ever seen.

I watched them for ten hours to Texas. I had been sucked into their world. Their reality was now my reality. I was very close to obsession. From what I gathered of their conversations, they were on the way to Oklahoma City for whitey to meet his father in-law and their child to meet his grandparents. In a way I loved them. I could almost swear that I knew their lives better than my own. And in a sense, it was true. There is something calming about concentrating on the problems of others. I know what to do when it's someone else, but I seem to falter when it's my world I'm dealing with. Yes, this couple, for a short number of hours, was closer to me than anyone ever had been.

We came into OKC sometime early in the morning,