Business ethics and integrity

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Ethical Paper

Business ethics and integrity are becoming more effectively in the modern business world. However, both ethics and integrity are acted in the most important roles in the business world. For example, if you want to become successful businessman or you want to stand your high position in the business world, and then you must to fully understand that what is meaning of both ethics and integrity, and how to use those things efficiently and effectively.

Ethics is an evolutionary exercise in self-understanding aimed at that union of harmony, intensity and vividness that includes the perfection of importance that occasion. It can be viewed as either constructive or constraining, but we see it is an essential process toward self-realization. Human beings and societies are evolving members of an evolving world, and such as, neither the peak nor the end of all evolution. With our power to influence evolution, "to learn" is a basic ethical imperative.

And the purpose of ethics is to rationalize morality and provide a set of values and rules to guide the choices and actions of individual human beings within a business world. Also, business ethics refers to the value structure that individuals in the decision making process when we are face with a dilemma of how to behave within our business or professional lives. Usually the impact of that decision will be felt only in our immediate, organizational environment.

Otherwise, the word integrity means that it is a combination of the qualities, and working together to from a rational whole. The word integrity also means wholeness, wholeness of combination, wholeness as a person, and wholeness in the sense of being an integral part of something larger than the person, the community, the corporation, society, and humanity. Also, integrity helps organizations organize, develop, and mobilize the...