Business Ethics: Deontological Ethics What do I believe?

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What do I believe?

Ethical Theory: Deontological Ethics

Deontological ethics relates to things such as duties, principles and obligations of individuals. I believe Kant's view is intended to show how there can be moral requirements that do not depend on whether the actions required produce good consequences. In making decisions based on this theory, it is important to treat people with respect, expect respect in return. The decision should be carefully thought through to ensure the decision made is not a means to an end. The choice I had to make based on this theory is related to the dismissal of an employee.


Where I work, there are known principles around privacy, confidentiality, and accountability. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) is a federal legislation that protects personal information including health information. PIPEDA is formulated on the basis of the Canadian National Standard code commonly known as the ten fair information principles.

When an employee is hired, an orientation process that clearly outlines the individual's responsibility related to these principles is provided. The employer is responsible for personal information and personal health information under their control and is committed to a high standard of privacy for their information practices. The 10 principles relate to accountability, identifying purposes, consent, use and disclosure of personal information, limiting collection, limiting use, disclosure and retention, ensuring accuracy, ensuring safeguards, openness about personal information practices and policies, individual access, and challenging compliance with privacy policies and practices.

In an effort to ensure compliance to policies and practices related to privacy and confidentiality, random audits are conducted on all users of electronic databases of patient information. It is important to note that no one individual is targeted and users are randomly selected. It was brought to my attention that an audit...